The Geek Philosophizes

Yes, I’ve posted a lot today, which I typically try not to do more than one, maybe two posts but since I have been working so much I haven’t had as much time to let loose.

This post is inspired by a tweet from Miss Molly

Where we are…
By The Geek


We do not live in a bubble.

We are not a ship in a bottle.

We are not in a Snow Globe on someone’s desk.

We are not a marble in an alien kids recess pastime.

We DO, however, live inside the Hadron Collider. It’s large, it’s super, and we are stuck inside.

We are an experiment by a larger world trying to play their God. We are stuck in an infinite loop that feels like a lifetime to us. A year for you is but a split second for the scientists watching. Your love, your hate, you life is nothing more than a random collision of atoms causing the illusion of reality. Everything you know is so small it is immeasurable to them.

What we do, what we know, what we are was a precise set of variables set by cruel boys with their sisters doll and left over fireworks. We are nothing more than cannon fodder for their Nobel Prize, or whatever they call it. It may as well be called the big nothing for all we care since that is what we will be shortly enough.

And what of the Hadron Collider in OUR “world”? Why it is nothing more than the obvious progression of programmed to autonomous thought from a set of micro-oganismic beings who can’t honestly think for themselves an original thought that wasn’t made by our creators. Much like a writer writing a story about a writer writing a story, they needed to see the fun-house mirror effect of a nano sized Collider experiment.

And the Mayan Prophecy? Its real. It is the day they shut off the machine and analyze their data. That is all you are to them. A piece of datum. The prophecy was a simple mistake of the designers to program an end date.

So put down your phones, turn off the TV’s, leave your homes, and forget growing up. All you know is a false reality and none of this is real…


Wait a second.

One second…

Never mind, I’m wrong. I just had a piece of bad fish… please go on about your lives.




7 thoughts on “The Geek Philosophizes

        1. g00dg33kranting Post author

          They all look the same to me… #RotD
          Oh wait, I hadn’t posted that part of my book… well… If I ever post that part of my book you’re gonna look back on this and see how funny it really was.


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