The Geek Bakes Not

There are a lot of easy foods in the world and yes, America, these days. 45 minutes for fried chicken? Nah, 5 minutes from bag to microwave to plate.

An hour to make and bake a pie? Nah, just pull from freezer and wait. Or don’t, frozen pies are awesome.

How about no bake cookies? I mean, you don’t even have to bake them, right? Now you don’t even have to mix them.

Now, I love no-bake cookies. They taste great but what if I didn’t want to spend time baking or didn’t have an oven? There are some companies now selling pre-made no-bake cookies.

But wait, aren’t ALL pre-made cookies no-bake? I have never bought pre-made cookies and baked them? I’ve bought pre-MIXED cookies and baked them, but mostly not. I mean, come on. Cookie dough, man.

All this gave me an idea. So here now, is The Geeks line of pre-made, pre-bought, premium marked up no-bake cookies.

First up, these delicious no-bake Keebler Chocolate Chip cookies. These chocolate chip cookies are delicious no matter how you don’t bake them. Don’t like them so soft? Just don’t bake them a little longer.

Next, no-bake Nabisco fig newtons. Just open up the package, don’t bake, and for most of you, don’t enjoy them, either.

Our popular no-bake oreo’s wonderful to dunk in milk anytime you don’t bake them. Just don’t bake them, then don’t bake your milk, twist, dunk and enjoy. In fact, by not making your milk, you have thus created TWO no bake items. And your no-bake milk will go with any of my no-bake cookies, really, really well.

And last, once a year for the true fans, my no-bake girl scout cookies. Don’t worry about going to the trouble of baking your girl scouts, we’ve already done it for you right here.


5 thoughts on “The Geek Bakes Not

  1. thebohiranian

    Ah, I love this so much. I do a lot of baking and cooking, and I also like trying out new things.
    But I can’t handle American chocolate..there’s more sugar in it than cocoa so you can’t even taste the cocoa ;_;.
    Also, fig newtons are great for no-brew tea.
    Just simply go to starbucks or something and get a cup of tea, then get these no-bake, premade cookies and eat it with the overly-sweetened tea.
    – Dena


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