The Geek Writes More: Chapter 3

Yesterday you were priveledged enough to get to read chapter 2 of my new book.

In chapter 2 we are introduced to 2 of my favorites characters in the book. One is Jewel, whom we talked about and the other is Seth’s own pet, Drake the Dracon.

I LOVE Drake and want now want a dracon of my own. A dracon, if you haven’t read to find out, is similar to a dragon in appearance, yet differs in two very important ways. 1. its much smaller than a dragon and 2. it actually exists.

Dracons and their owners can do great things and most dracons have 2 or 3 special abilities. We have already found Drakes first ability of fire but their 2nd and possible 3rd powers don’t come out quite as easily… Hmmm, could that happen at some convenient time?

Drake has black scales with yellow tips on them and a bright yellow tuft of hair piece of goatee under his snout. But my favorite thing about Drake is he is SUCH a pet.

Seth and Drake have spent 4 years with each other and the only other person they have interacted with is Seth’s dad. This has made them very close yet inept at social interactions.

When Seth meets Jewel, Drake is equally cautious and hangs close to his friend as a small dog might. In this chapter, Drake is ready to protect is friend, although he isn’t sure what he would do or why. He is simply not used to the situation.

And my other favorite part is that much like a real pet Drake starts adapting faster than Seth. As Seth continues to struggle with new relationships throughout the book, Drake becomes more comfortable and outgoing and courageous as time goes on.

If I could draw like some of my talented blogging friends I would show you the Drake I see in my head. Heck, I’D love to see him AND Scratch. But not yet. For now, whose that at the door?


Chapter 3.

A Stranger In The Rain


The rapping on the door was urgent and loud, even through the pounding of rain on the roof. The storm had picked up and wind whistled through the valley creating a tune of bitter sorrow. Drakes scales and tail were at attention, the yellow fading everywhere but his goatee making him a menacing black as he stood next to the bed ready to protect his friend even though he wasn’t sure exactly what he would do. He’d simply never dealt with visitors before.

Seth started regaining consciousness from the haze that is being abruptly awoken from a deep sleep. Jewel and Cindy were in the kitchen, it would seem looking as puzzled as he was about the potential new guest. Cindy straightened her apron from making breakfast and headed to the door.

The wet forest and porch were a stark contrast to the dry man standing at the door almost as much as the contrast of his drab brown and gray clothes to the pink and purple umbrella he was holding. Cindy simply nodded and held her hand out in the universal sign that says “Yes, I know you, won’t you come in just don’t mind the mess and I will offer you coffee, tea, and water but the coffee is cold, no sugar for the tea and the water has been brownish lately.”

Jewel, you and Seth go get started eating some breakfast. I won’t be long.”

Yes, ma’am. Come on Seth. I’m sure whatever they’d be talking about would be boring anyways. The older you get the more boring you are, I always say. You should see what all I made for breakfast this morning. Well, mom cooked most of it, but *I* made my world famous drop biscuits. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean they were dropped on the ground or anything. It just means they are a funny shape cuz you don’t roll them out or anything you just drop a spoonful on a sheet for baking. The trick to a good drop biscuit is to add a bit of cheese to the dough which we just happen to have some of the freshest cheese in all the valley thanks to knowing people around here who raise goats and chickens and they have some horses and a pigmy bear. A pigmy bear is like a real bear only its real small and I’d never seen one before I met theirs but now I have. Mom always says you never discover something new you only learn what someone else already knew. WAIT STOP!”

Seth’s fork full of gravy covered biscuits at the sudden outburst from his host. She informed him they needed to pray first. She started praying, he hummed a tune his mom had taught him.

Dear God… Its ME! JEWEL. GOOD MORNING God, I hope you slept well yes I do. Oh. and my good friend Seth is here too. We both just really wanna thank you for this food you taught my mom and I to make. It all looks SOOOOO delicious I just can’t wait to eat, and neither can Seth. Speaking of Seth, his dad isn’t feeling great. Please help him to feel better. Can’t feel 100% without Your help, I always say. Did you know its raining down here? I guess you did. I hope the weather is nice up there. Anyways, have a great day and don’t be a stranger. Aaaaaaa MEN”

Seth learned last night that eating didn’t really stop Jewel from talking but he was starting to get used to the constant drone of her voice. It was easier than thinking of something clever to say.

Mmmm. Iffnt fhis food foooo goohd. Man, I slept really well with the rain hitting the roof all night. I always sleep well when its raining. I got up early and mom was already up. She is usually up early but I don’t think she sleeps very well. Did you sleep very well? I can’t imagine you slept very well you kept talking in your sleep. I couldn’t make out what you were saying, a lot of mumbling mostly do YOU know what you were saying? I know, its hard to remember dreams even a few minutes after you wake up. Its kind of like a whole different world ifffnt it? I fean iff fou founhd a worl’ in four dream fime ……. Would you stay? And if you stayed, where would you go when you sleep? Maybe this is the dream world and we’re both still asleep? Have you ever thought about the world like that? Mom says I have a unique look on the world. I asked her if we could make a big breakfast today. Its important to eat a big breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I always say. Mom says I say that for every meal. Fhe Fays I luff to eat fo much cauff I got itf from my fads side.”

She was cut off by other voices, “We have a carriage outside. Thank you again.”

Do you want to sit down for breakfast first.”

I’m afraid there’s no time, I’m sorry. It’s important to be urgent”

Understood. I’ll be a few minutes.”

What’s going on Mom?” This is the shortest sentence Seth had heard her say.

Baby, I have to go away for awhile. I have to go back to work. Seth, do you think your dad would mind an extra visitor for a short time?”

No ma’am. We have room. I know he’d be OK with it.”

That’s great. Make sure and thank him for me. Jewel, when the storm passes head up the cliffs and stay with Seth and his dad. If its too long make sure and send food up to him. I’ll do my best of keeping you updated as to when I’ll be back and that I’m OK”

Is everything OK?”

Everything is fine. There are just some people who need my help. I know you aren’t used to me being gone without your Uncle but we will have to make do.”

I’ll be okay mom.”

Seth watched as Cindy packed a few things, geared up for a rainy day, and hugged Jewel numerous times. It was a chaotic dance of emotions and packing that ended with a tearful goodbye as she ultimately grabbed an umbrella from beside the door and headed into a horse drawn carriage that was so beaten and rickety Seth wondered how it could stay together through the rough roads of the valley.

Jewel watched the carriage ride away, weaving through the trees to find the trail. Scratch dug around in the dirt and Drake sat at the edge of the door sticking his snout out as far as he could without getting wet. After deciding she could no longer see the carriage in the rain (which was long after she could see the carriage) Jewel called Scratch back in and shut the door.

Jewel was so quiet for a long while that Seth wasn’t sure what to do. He knew how he’d feel if his dad had to leave. He wanted to ask questions, but he waiting awhile, letting her relax first. It wasn’t until they were finishing dinner that he finally broke the near silence with more than just a few words.

Where do you think your mom went?”

It’s hard to say. She has worked all over the world. She used to be very important, before she stayed home to take care of me.”

So then, what is it exactly that she does?”

Actually, I don’t really know. She always talked about different places, different people, different foods, different animals, and reading a lot. She told lots of stories, she always told great stories, but when I think back, I never heard much about exactly what she does.”

And the weird man she was talking to?”

Never seen him before. Nope, I’d remember a man like him, with his pink and purple umbrella.”

Seemed kind of shifty looking to me.” Whether it was listening to the way Cindy talked to her daughter last night or her slowed speech today, Seth found it easier to jump in at appropriate points tonight.

I dunno, the umbrella sure said otherwise. Can’t be too evil if you carry a colorful umbrella, I always say. Anyway, him or anyone else, that isn’t the first time she’s been called away, no it’s not. Yep, she has been called away like that before. And when she did know she was leaving a carriage still picked her up. Riding in style, my mom is.”

Didn’t look much like style.”

Looks better on the inside, mom always said. Besides, do YOU have a carriage? Nope. No carriage for you. That’s OK though, not many people do. Even mommy doesn’t have one, just the people she works for. I haven’t even gotten to sit in it, can you believe that? Not that I’ve NEVER been in a carriage I just haven’t been on that one.”

Its not the same one every time is it?”

Yes. Or at least it looks the same. I can’t imagine having a business that sends people all over the world and only having rickety old carriages. So I think it stopped raining. I know it still SOUNDS like its raining and it will for awhile because the trees are so thick around here they keep dripping water for hours after the rain actually stops yes they do. We could go to your dads tomorrow. I look forward to meeting him. Is he as nice as you? I bet he is. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I always say. Anyway I can pack some things up tonight to take with me and with us yes I can. We have lots of food that won’t be good if we don’t take it with us, no it won’t.”

And she did pack. She packed a lot. Seth wondered how they would carry all that she packed. She even packed satchels for Drake and Scratch and set them by the door. At bedtime she told Seth he could sleep in her moms bed, since she wasn’t there, and then sheepishly asked if she could lay down with him. He decided against asking if she was scared and said OK Drake made a point of sleeping in between them.


11 thoughts on “The Geek Writes More: Chapter 3

  1. pouringmyartout

    Ha… I always think of the cleverest things to say right after I put food in my mouth. The good thing about her being so chatty is that you can pack a lot of information in a very tight sactchel.

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      Yeah she makes killing time easy if I don’t have much else to put. But the great thing is her talking is so believable and memorable that later on I just reference that she is talking a lot and it works so i’m not always having her chat

          1. pouringmyartout

            I used to do stage bouncing for a band he was in way back in the 80’s called Blind Illusion. We go way back. I have watched him from side stage here in San Diego, and once he got the audience chanting my name as my wife and I were leaving a club. Pretty funny.

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