The Geek Considers Popularity

When the geek was but a tiny nerd, popularity and ‘cool’ factor was easy to determine. There was even a chart in each wall of the school to depict the level of coolness you were based on what you did.

1. Football Captain
2. Football Player (Excluding kicker)
3. Wrestling / Basketball captain
4. Wrestler / Basketball Player
5. Guy in lunch room with Lunchable (They used to be rare)
6. Guy in lunch room with brownies / cookies / or can of soda
7. Band Member
8. Drama Member
9. Football Kicker


As you get older, its harder to tell. A person with lots of money and a nice car can be cool even if he gets nosebleeds and has an “authentic” Batman outfit that he wears just a little too often.

As bloggers and writers, its even harder to tell what is going to be the ‘popular’ post. We can get an idea we believe is hilarious, spend an hour perfecting it and adding the perfect pictures, and then no one ‘likes’ it.

On the other hand, we have a silly idea and it turns into a sensation.

What is my most popular blog post? It is ‘My Torrid Love Triangle With The Deschanel Sisters‘.

Now, for a long time, I noted that this was mostly popular to some apparent nice Google search results anytime someone searched anything remotely Deschanel.

But lately, my blog popularity has risen and more people are clicking around reading various posts I have made. My most popular post among these people? You guessed it.

So what is cool? The Deschanel sisters? No… Well, yes, but in this case it is immorality. I know you are all clicking on that blog thinking you are going to hear about my depraved lust for the sisters Deschanel and how we have a dramatic relationship based on that. Well, as true as that may be it is not the case of being the subject matter of that blog post.

All this leads me to say to all of you…




10 thoughts on “The Geek Considers Popularity

  1. Grass Oil by Molly Field

    What’s funny about this is that when I get a comment / link from you in my blog, it lists your write up about the Sisters as the first thing to read, so…there’s that. What is my most favored post as provided at the bottom of the notification from WP? I haven’t a clue as to how to read those things. I just know it’s not Chinese. Or is it?


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