The Geek Tweets Then Rants Again

So I have recently hit the big time with my book. If you haven’t heard about my book, you can read about my book here, here, here, or buy my book here.


Now that my shameless self-promotion for the day is out of the way (Did I sell 10000 books yet? I need a vacation.) lets get on with it.

The Geek Tweets

Today, while having a decent albeit CRAZY HECTIC day at work, I took a break as minions do every couple of hours. (Unless your a smoking minion then you seem to take  breaks more often.) And on that break I looked and saw I had about 30 emails with comments, likes, follows and more on my blog. WHOA, Good day.

One of these comments was this total NUT JOB that I, of course, IMMEDIATELY fell in love with. She’s crazy, she’s wacky, and you can see her over here at her blog.

Now, she wasn’t the only person commenting on my blog today she just stood out from the norm (Did I mention the crazy?) and clicked with my personality (I said crazy right?) so fast I thought we were related. (CRAZY)

In going back and forth with her for the short time I had on break she mentioned I should have a twitter account for her to follow. I think she meant for everyone, but she only mentioned herself so I don’t think she cares that I’m sharing it with all of you. But I am anyway, cause 2 followers does not a tweet make.

I don’t know where it will go just yet. I know, I’ll tweet my blog posts and updates about my book (Did I mention my book?) and just for Miss Crazy Molly, I will do my best to post something funny every day or so. (She thinks I’m funny, that proves the crazy right?)

Anyway, stop over and check her blog out because if you like mine, hers is WAY BETTER!

The Geek Rants Again

I took time off. So what? You wanna fight about it?

I can say this, since being back I certainly know that I need this blog. I love the things I come up with and it always fuels my creative juices for other things I write (Like this book).

It also gets all these random thoughts out of my head. Like, that moment when you become MacGyver in the bathroom because you realize the toilet paper roll is empty and someone set the extras 8 feet away. All of a sudden you can combine 3 empty TP Tubes, a toothbrush, a mans razor, a womans razor, rolled up magazine, 2 bottles of lipstick and a hair brush into a long stick held together with a toothpaste / shampoo mix that you have concocted into glue just so you don’t have to call your spouse in to hand it to you.

Yeah, love that moment.

That moment where you’ve lost your cell phone and you are SURE that American Idol must have called to ask you to be a guest judge but you missed your chance because you were away from your phone for 10 minutes.

That point during the commercials where you start to change the channel because you can’t remember why you were on this channel or what you were watching just 30 seconds ago.

That moment where you realize that, while channel surfing, you’ve lingered on an episode of Project Runway just long enough to feel guilty.

That moment when you are on the way home from a long night of work, look down at the fuel gauge blinking empty and make the decision that, “Sure, I have enough to get home and back to a gas station tomorrow.”

That moment when you get in the car running late for work and realize the last person to drive didn’t leave you enough gas.

That moment when you’re writing a bit for your blog and you forgot the point of the Bit or the name of the post.

So, I guess I will tweet a few of these ‘That moments’ and stay tuned for Chapter 2 of my book. Again, thanks to all who showed their love today and since I’ve started and have a great weekend.


11 thoughts on “The Geek Tweets Then Rants Again

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  2. Grass Oil by Molly Field

    holyshityoujustpluggedmelikealotandthat’slikethekewlesthinganyonehaseverdoneforme. thank you. we *MUST* be related. do you have hands? YOU DO?! okokokok, do you have arms, duh, you must because that’s like totally WHERE the hands come from… oh, a stomach? you do? well, then we are related because i have hands that come out of my stomach.

    no, that’s not me.

    anyway, youreawesomer. thanks!


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