The Geek Shares a Sample: Chapter 1

In honor of my book being released and inspired  by one of my best blogging buddies (Please stop by and read HIS book at this link…) I am posting a couple of sample chapters of my book to get your brain drooling with imagination spittle. Hmmm, yeah, I’ll just say right now my writing is off the wall in book form as well.


This is chapter 1, as you will see it does not really say much about what happens in the book, but gives a teaser to my style. I will be looking to post 2 more chapters I believe to get to the sample area I want to be. Anyway, enjoy…



Chapter 1.

A Boy, His Dracon, and a Storyteller


This is a story about a boy named Seth.

Oh, but I am not Seth. My name, is Narrator. I am named Narrator because the writer of this little book you have decided to read has chosen NOT to give me a name.
And yes, it is very true that most narrators in most stories don’t have names, unless of course it is their story they are telling. But first, this is not right because I am no ordinary narrator but rather THE narrator. I am the best you will find.

And second, it is not right because I have more lines in the first few chapters than most of the characters do in the entire book. I keep talking when the characters sleep, eat, or aren’t even around, like now. And worse, I have to show up and tell a story at the writers whim. If he feels the need to put something down in the middle of the night, I have to get out of bed, kiss my wife goodbye without waking her (don’t want to make my wife mad), come down to the Bureau Of Overstated Knowledge Studios, and put on a good performance otherwise the writer gets mad at me and refuses to pay.

If that all isn’t bad enough, the rest of my family are without proper names as well. My daughter is known as my daughter, and my wife is often called mom or your mother.

You know, it simply isn’t right. I think I’ll give myself a name. Like… Ummm… Hmmm… I know, well… no… Dang it, you see, I can’t even THINK of a name for myself unless the writer gives me one.

I guess you are wondering how I can get away with rambling away in the first few pages of the writer’s works? Well, you see there used to be story in this first chapter. I know, I remember it well because I narrated it myself and I don’t mind telling you, it was drivel. Pure, unreadable, boring, pointless drivel.

Oh sure, some of it was alright but mostly it was just the story of the land this book is set in, Agnos, if you care for the name which you shouldn’t, yet anyway. I mean, the story hasn’t really even started.

So, anyway, the writer was deleting this chapter when I realized we couldn’t very well have a story starting at chapter 2. I mean, really, have you ever heard of such a thing? Have you ever said, “Count to 3, but start with 2?” or 2 + 2 = 3? No! We need a 1.

Did you ever wonder where numbers came from? There is a delightful documentary called “The Story of 1” that was made by Terry Gilliam. You know, he made all those Monty Python movies.

Remember the one Python skit where the guy had bought a dead bird? Oh man, that was hilarious. Actually, you know what, this book isn’t that great, why don’t you go ahead and go watch some old Monty Python movies, have some popcorn, talk with your family, watch grass grow, you know, things that are more entertaining than this book.

Don’t worry, you won’t hurt the writer’s feelings. I’ll tell him you are a speed reader and already finished it. I’ll embellish it even, like a good fishing story, and tell the writer how you went ON AND ON about how great the book was and how you were going to share it with all your friends and you will post great reviews on the Facespace and Twitbook or whatever it is you kids are doing with your phones all the time.

OK, go on then. Nothing to see here. Go on. I’ll continue on without you.

What? You are still here? Most people left already. Not much of a party person, eh? Oh well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So, what do you NEED to know? Well, there is the boy Seth, and he is 14. He lives on a cliff on a horseshoe shaped mountain range. He has a pet Dracon named Drake. No, not dragon. Remember, the writer thinks he’s ‘clever’. You’ll see what a Dracon is. Anyway, his mom is dead and right now his dad is not feeling well, they need some food so he is gonna go hunting. Yeah, that’s fine then, I think you’ll figure the rest of it out.

I’m going to keep talking but it will be more story related. Maybe we can talk again later. OK then, on the count of 3…





16 thoughts on “The Geek Shares a Sample: Chapter 1

  1. pouringmyartout

    I love that the narrator comes alive but not really so much as his own person but at the whim of the author… which makes the author come alive. It is like that ild bugs bunny cartoon where bugs can only do what the artist lets him do, but he fights back. It was animation and real hands and pencils. Ground breaking stuff. I think it was Bugs… or was Daffy Duck in there?
    Awesome. And thanks for the link.

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  3. Grass Oil by Molly Field

    i loved this. I think I ‘know’ of you via It’s a Dome Life or maybe another blogger friend of mine, and I’m so glad you liked something I wrote (the 9/14/12 post about three awards in one) because I wouldn’a found you this way… it’s so hard to connect Twitter names and bloggers and real names; I’m old. I used to be good at it. No, that wasn’t me. No it was: I was good, no still am good with faces, names and phone numbers. All the eBios is overwhelming at times. Nonetheless, I’m intrigued by your book. I will poke around your site some more soon. I am glad you came by mine. 🙂 Keep it up… at least ONE of us has to make it, right?! 🙂 i hope it’s you. I don’t have the wardrobe for fame. -Molly

        1. g00dg33kranting Post author

          LOL. I’ve been thinking of dusting off my twitter account and sharing it on here. I may look into this tonight though i’m rarely funny, it’s the rest of the world that is overly serious


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