The Geek Goes Worldwide

As sales of my book soar into the lower single digits, I start reflecting on how I got to this point and all the people that helped me get here.

You see, I didn’t just sell a couple of books… one of those was in the UK. That’s right, I’m a worldwide sensation.

It’s fitting too, since most of my influences are British in some capacity like Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, and Mr Bean.

While the release of the book has been scary and exciting all rolled into one gut wrenching experience taco, its also very enlightening. So, I could have done the traditional thing and waited a few years for a publisher to maybe pick it up while enduring numerous rejections and possible revisions that I never wanted to make OR do it my way and spend all my free time trying to figure out how to market it.

OK, yes its stressful and difficult and a huge learning curve but I have sure enjoyed it and LOVE that my book is the way I want it. If someone bashes something in my book they are bashing what *I* wrote not what I compromised to. And I can learn what works in the world of true indie writing.

But, I digress, as I said my sales are soaring above 1 and I will not forget the little people who helped me get here. But lets face it, I’m a worldwide sensation now, which makes me better than you. Of course, the geek was already better to you, this just proves it.



:Disclaimer, if you take my sense of humor seriously, I’m not sure why you are following my blog:


8 thoughts on “The Geek Goes Worldwide

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  2. interroben

    There’s something very gratifying about being able to release your work on your own terms and timeline. I wish you all the best with your book, life, the universe and everything! Also, thanks for liking my remix!

  3. g00dg33kranting Post author

    You have no idea how honored I am that you installed Kindle on your iPad just to get my book. I appreciate it greatly and continue to find it fitting that a Brit was the first to purchase/read (outside family.)
    Speaking of UK, Love your Doctors of Who, Zeppelins of Led, Crowds of IT, Your wits of dry, and your Pythons… but mostly of the Monty variety.
    Yep, I could move over there and be at home, lol.

  4. tranquilspace

    I bought it. Clearly one of a very elite group 😉 Put whassitcalled…Kindle on my ipad and everything SPECIALLY to read it. Will let you know when done 🙂 BTW – I’m the one in the UK.

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      Hey, by the way… there is an updated version of the book now where I finally got the formatting correct… its much easier to read so you can grab it if you like… (Though I’m not totally sure how to get book updates from ipad kindle)


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