The Geek Makes Friends With His Fiancee

While I was away, I got engaged. In fact it was my fiancee who provided me with the motivation, encouragement, and muse to start and ultimately finish the book.

Tonight, I asked her to add the book to Goodreads since it wouldn’t let me as I had just signed up. (I know, I know.)

As she added it she sent me a text to let me know she was also adding me as a friend. I pointed out that I’m her friend in real life, on Facebook, and on Pinterest. Have I not proven my dedication to our friendship yet? She let me know I had not.

It led to the question, how did we ever possibly know who our friends were before the internet? When we listed our favorite people from 1 to 9 on speed dial settings. When our popularity was defined by a number on an answering machine (That’s what us old people called voicemail.)

Now we get in trouble if we don’t accept a friend request from someone we sat next to for one year in kindergarten and then never saw again. We lose ‘friends’ if we don’t like every status see.

Another instance that I’m getting old as I don’t feel the need to click every like or accept every friend request or repin every cat sleeping next to a dog.

But then, here I rant about all these things, which makes me just as bad as the rest of them. So please, click the like button and ask everyone you know to share. Otherwise how would I know you care.


7 thoughts on “The Geek Makes Friends With His Fiancee

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      It’s true though. Facebook complicates lots of things. This opens a whole new angle I didn’t even think about.
      when my ex broke up with me I deleted my FB acct and when I went back on I was very careful who went on it. And facebook was a factor in our relationships demise too. lol


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