The Geek Goes On Vacation

Well… from blogging anyway.

As creative juices start to flow and people get involved and give you encouragement your creative focus can shift. This is what happened to mine as I spent the last couple of months busting out the great American novel and releasing it on Amazon. (Well, its probably more a great “British” novel considering my influences)

It was an interesting ride. The start of the book flew out of me and within a week I had over 20 pages. A couple of periods not having ANY clue what was going to happen next so taking a few weeks off. Then the last 18 pages came in just a couple of hours.

Then came the time to post it to Amazon and put it out there for everyone to pass over.

It was an interesting feeling. Scary and exciting I was full of nerves and continue to be. After starting many different books in the past and never finishing one of them the idea of failing is scary.

Yet I am lucky. Had I written the book 10 years ago failure would have been par for the course. Trying to break into traditional book publishing as a new writer is near impossible and is filtered and moderated by people in suits who look at the bottom line.

Now, anyone can release a book, LITERALLY. All you have to do is write a book and there are a large number of options for self releasing it in e-book format. I chose amazon but you can do B&N, Google, iBookstore, or a mix of them.

It makes sense, really, when you think about it because the written word is pretty much the oldest form of entertainment that HASN’T been easy for the ‘indie’ writer to break into. Nightmares of people spending money out of their pocket only to see a moderate release with no marketing can scare you away from the idea very quickly.

Now, a writer sitting on their masterpiece can get it out in the matter of hours (Amazon review and publishing takes about 12 hours or less).

Of course, the other side of that coin is true too. Anyone with any amount of drivel can publish it as well, thus saturating the market with terrible books, LIKE MINE! 🙂

This isn’t a bad thing even though it can be scary. If you are an avid reader just look at the rush of indie movies of the late 90’s and early 00’s and indie music in the 00’s and recent years. Yes, there was a lot of crap out there to sift through. But one thing was proven true, the hardcore fans would sift through the crap and find the gems. Clerks is a great example of that.

Now, YouTube and other sites allow anyone to make a webshow and put it out there. And even bloggers have taken over on editorials which just goes to show that books REALLY ARE behind the times.

And they aren’t already without controversy either. My good friends over at Snobbery put up a blog about a recent outing of  fake book reviews.

I’m excited to have my book out there even if a hundred thousand other writers are releasing their books this year as well. I will have you know I’m not paying anyone to write reviews and I look forward to honest ones which means, anything above 3 stars (Come on 3.5, lol) seems pretty good to me for a first book. But then, I’m a pessimistic under achiever who procrastinates finishing anyth…


6 thoughts on “The Geek Goes On Vacation

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    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      No I’m just impatient??? lol. I’m not traditional man. By far.
      In fact, now that you mention it, I’m surprised I struggled with the decision (I considered the pros and cons of traditional vs self e) since it wouldn’t have been very ‘Geek’ of me to NOT e-publish when its starting to blow up…
      If nothing else, I’ll get some posts out of it.

      I WILL say this. The biggest pro for me was my not so conventional writing style would have been butchered by a publisher. A Narrator breaking the 4th wall of a book on his first run out? Yeah, that wouldn’t have gone over. That was my biggest reason to self publish.

        1. g00dg33kranting Post author

          We’ll see what people think now that it’s out there… but really I think you are way more brave and innovative than I… Posting chapter by chapter on your blog. I mean, the worst I can get is someone rips my whole book apart. You could actually get someone talking crap about each individual chapter each time you post… worst case scenario wise. You’ve basically taken off your writing clothes and stepped into the reading world naked…
          hmmm… don’t go making photo chops of this image please…


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