The Geek Gets Old

Before I start, I realize I am not the oldest person reading this, Sorry Art. 😛

A number of weeks ago I was heading to work and looked into the rear-view mirror and noticed what every man fears. White hairs in my goatee. Not just one that I could pluck out, but like 8 or 9 that keep growing back and multiplying worse than cockroaches in a seedy Motel.

When I saw the white hairs in my goatee I knew this could only mean one of two things…

1. I am getting old

2. I’m a wizard


Of course, I am realistic and realized I am OBVIOUSLY a wizard. True, my magic spells aren’t yet working. My attempts to turn a frog into a butterfly ended in frog stew with a side of Fried Frog Legs and unlike the Almighty Himself I was unable to turn water into wine. (Though I do make a mean pitcher of Tea)

This is not the first sign that I am getting old. Being at work and mentioning things like old Denny’s commercials (Or is it Lennys?) and pogs and saving computer games to cassette tapes only to receive blank stares in return made me feel ancient.

This week my geek prayers were answered and the show Dinosaurs from the early 90’s was brought onto Netflix.

Yep, I even posted it on Facebook, this was a big deal.

Then I realized most people I know didn’t know what the heck the show was. All I could say to them was “NOT THE MAMA!”

Its easy to feel old when you have kids. Having to explain things like what a nanopet is, what 8-tracks are, what it was like before cell phones, and how we used to have to go through just to play a video game. The last of which is made into one of the funniest blog posts I have ever read by one of my favorite bloggers (You all remember I don’t follow many bloggers right? Yeah, I really don’t) the Surfing Pizza who is obviously around my age and grew up doing a lot of the same things I did. Stop by and read it.

But when I feel bad about getting old I also realize how lucky I am. I was raised on the cusp of everything. I know all about 8 tracks and records yet I have been typing and playing on computers since I was 2. I love 80’s movies and the 90’s indie movies. I love Johnny Horton and Led Zeppelin and Radiohead. And I am tech savvy going into a tech revolution.

Think the tech revolution has peaked? Think again. Did you know that in the last few years Data Traffic over Cell Towers has gone up 20,000%. TWENTY THOUSAND percent. This is why cell phones have changed so rapidly and why unlimited data was pulled from most networks because they realized they weren’t going to be able to handle it AND voice calls AND text messages too.

The world has become both connected and horribly disconnected all at the same time. Kids and parents who can’t talk to each other unless via text or FB and lovers breaking up via 140 characters.

I can handle that we are moving into a new generation but some of the old fogies like me (sorry Art) need to remember the old times. Before we could watch TV in our cars on vacation we played games like “I-Spy” and Automobile Bingo. Before we had 200 channels and 8 ways to play video games we went outside and played in the dirt. (AND IT WAS FUN!)

And before microwaves and 5 minute meals were the norm we actually cooked dinner AND sat around talking to each other while eating.

Take a day and put down the phones even for an hour or two. Turn off the laptop and the iPads. Spend some time with your families before we lose all physical and emotional connections.


5 thoughts on “The Geek Gets Old

  1. pouringmyartout

    I remember dinosaurs. I think I was already old when it came out. But this has helped me make a decision. I have been thinking of reusing some of my old posts from when nobody knew who I was. I recall on called… ‘aging gracefully, or not’… I may just have to repost it.

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      Oh you totally should. I’ve thought about that before too. We started around the same time I think of course I took that break to write so my followers stopped growing but I definitely have a few posts that a lot of people may not have seen.
      If it were done cleverly enough it may even become a trend. Like a ‘remember when’ or ‘Deja Vuesdays’… lol
      ok now I’m over thinking it.


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