The Geek Gets Spaced

Some people may label me with that classic phrase, ‘He only likes ‘x’ until everyone else likes it’. The reason that a lot of people get this label because when one, any single one of their interests becomes mainstream they utter the words ‘I liked them before they were famous’ to anyone who brings up the subject.


Let me be an honest geek for a minute… I have said these words. Some of the times, I am not so proud of. A lot of them, however, I can explain.


Sometimes, geeks (And the indie goth peeps) are frustrated, by the time some things go mainstream. Why? Because a year or two ago, that geek came to you and said ‘you have GOT to see this, its amazing. I don’t understand why its not more popular.’

And you, with possibly little to no enthusiasm to watch or listen or read give a half hearted try to give it a shot but it’s new and weird and you aren’t into it.

Before you say I’m just putting down those people, understand that I have been on both sides. I have been the person who cared and the person who didn’t want to hear what other weird stuff this person was into. I am certainly just as guilty.

So, by the time this is mainstream, now you like it. They remember but you do not the time or times they talked about them, played them for you, made you read it.

It is we, too indolent and afraid to change, who will slow the evolution of technology and laud consumerism over advancement.

(by the by, you can thank the majority of people not liking something new to the law of diffusion of innovation.)


So, I bring to you today, another show you’ve probably never heard of. In the annuls of under watched great shows, a number have gone down as just being ‘ahead of their time.’ In my eyes, that is Spaced.


Spaced is a British sitcom that ran from 1999 to 2001 featuring writer/stars Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson and directed by the amazing Edgar Wright.

The show features a very cinematic direction (filmed on one camera), and numerous pop culture references in genre direction, plot style, props and surroundings, cut scenes, and dialogue. A classic example has him referencing a ‘falling out with a loved one’ turning out to be George Lucas and him burning all of his Star Wars items.

The show would be inspiration for great movies for these people as well as co-star Nick Frost, including Hot Fuzz and the iconic Shaun of the Dead. Jessica Stevenson playing the militant counter-part that Pegg and his crew ran into throughout the film.

The show is intelligent and fast paced with layers of jokes rather than a traditional ‘situation’ lauded by new people.


Bottom line, if you’re looking for quirky, tongue in cheek, geeky and cinematic, British TV Show to hit-up on Netflix, Spaced is a good option.


One thought on “The Geek Gets Spaced

  1. pouringmyartout

    Spaced was hilarious.
    What I do is never like anything while it is famous. But if you like it before it is famous, then continue to like it long after it is no longer popular.


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