The Geek Gets Mindless

If you haven’t figured this out by now, or are new to my blog, WELCOME!, I am very eclectic. From things I like to listen to, watch, read, or learn I love all sorts of things. And while I love entertainment, I love things that expand my mind and my understanding of the world.

From TedTalks to documentaries to programming and physics, I love to learn things I don’t already know. And I like to think my love for always bettering myself comes through in my writing. I try to write things that are entertaining AND thought provoking.

And boy does that get old.

Yes, whether it is just a long day at work or just feeling tired I occasionally feel the need to simply watch or do something completely mindless. So here, for your non-thought provoking entertainment is my edition of “Mindless Monday.” For Mindless Monday I am going to present you with a number of facts. Are they true facts? That’s for you to decide… but here you go.


1. While rummaging through the local Vintage store the Geek stumbled across and purchased TMBG’s classic LP, “John Henry”

2. The Geek has been to the top of the John Hancock tower.

3. British accents are hot.

4. Plan 9 came from outer space.

5. Samsung is the current leading sales manufacturer of smart phones.

6. Apple has an entire building designed after Scrooge McDucks money tower, and top VP’s swim in their vast fortune every weekend.

7. The Geek is the most eligible bachelor in the world right now. Disagree? Well then what makes one bachelor more eligible then another? Eligibility for marrying someone is an either/or thing, you don’t get MORE eligible just because you are rich and handsome. You just have a better chance of filling the opening in your 1 man corporation. I mean, really, if you have 2 cars that are both out of gas, which one is more eligible?

8. Warning Labels are written by failed novelists who have never used the product they are writing the label for and just like messing with the world that doesn’t want to read what they have to say in the first place.

9. 2+2 = 5   … and if you believe that can be true, you are a geek friend of mine.

10. No one can eat 50 eggs.


2 thoughts on “The Geek Gets Mindless

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  2. pouringmyartout

    I try to sound smart in my blog… for short periods of time… and then I do pictures of ninjas attacking george bush, just to lighten the mood. People don’t want to be clever all the time. We need to respect that.


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