The Geek Shares a Cry for Help

I have been around for quite a few years. Yes, I feel old. As shows I watched as a kid get played on Nick at Nite and music I listened to growing up become ‘classic rock’ I feel more and more years weighing on me.


Not as a negative. No, getting wiser I get, the more I see deeper into the world around me. Granted, if you have read much of my blog you know I have been through some recent rough times. Life is picking back up for me, however. And while I was able to ride out the bad with a relatively positive attitude, I find many others who continue to ride even worse times, that won’t end or at least not for awhile, have even greater attitudes than I could ever hope for.


One of those people is my friend Kari. Kari is a real friend in the sense that I have met her and hung out with her as opposed to just played farmville a few times. In fact, I met Kari in Elementary School many years ago. We had lost touch, as most school friends do, but did reconnect thanks to a mutual friend and facebook.


But when I found Kari, something had happened that changed her life. She had been diagnosed as being HIV Positive. She had gone through a year of hell that I could not even begin to imagine. She fought with all her heart as she has a young daughter to take care of. She fought, and as much as anyone with AIDS or the HIV virus can, she won. And now, she has taken it upon herself to help others fight. She takes it upon herself to travel the country and help other WOMEN understand the dangers, and cope with the facts. She has become a crusader. God’s most humble of all followers called to the big leagues.


If I knew of one person who deserved a TedTalks wish, I would pick my friend Kari. If I could assist anyone I know in there struggles and their cause, it would be my friend Kari. If I could ask for you all to support one person or see one video I post, I would choose this one by my friend Kari. Please watch and share. It is powerful because it is raw and from the heart. It is powerful because the problem is so real in so many peoples lives. It is powerful, because she makes it so.


I love you Kari… miss you a lot. Keep the videos coming. Keep the crusade going.


2 thoughts on “The Geek Shares a Cry for Help

  1. sj

    I can’t watch right now because the kids are being too loud, but I will (and will share) once they’re in bed tonight. ❤

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      Thank you for sharing.

      And if you are looking for a female speaker on the subject of HIV/AIDS I highly recommend Kari… she’s not just a speaker, she is a caring person.


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