The Geek Calls Shenanigans on – American Idol

This isn’t the typical Idol shenanigans you may be used to. I have a new bone to pick.


While many sites and critics have said this is one of the worst seasons of Idol, I have to disagree just in that we have at least 3 amazing singers/artists, and a few other really strong filling out the top 7 that is airing tonight. (Now that Deandre is gone, sorry ladies)


When I first saw Phillip Phillips audition way back when, I (and my Idol watching friend I was watching with at the time) declared, “He’s gonna be in the finals.” I still believe this. Now that we are down to the final 7, I can easily see it coming down to Colton and Phillip, and that couldn’t be a better power duo to take us home. Much like the season of 2 Davids, (Archuletta and Cook) it would be hard to say who would win.

Its the 2 Davids, all over again... These 2 are insanely talented.

Its the 2 Davids, all over again... These 2 are insanely talented.

I have assumed this pairing was pretty much inevitable, however tonight we saw Colton as Jimmy gave advice, get told “Right now I think you are behind Phillip, what can you do to get ahead of him.”


Ok, first, I understand that while producers, judges, and everyone else don’t necessarily want to BLATANTLY make 2 specific people stay to the end, I’m SURE they would love to influence if possible because, lets face it, they know what makes for dramatic musical contest TV. I’m alright with that (Though the opposite of that is VoteForTheWorst which tries to keep the worst people on) as long as it still comes down to America, which you can ALMOST always tell that it is if you listen closely. (Cheer strength + Cheer Length * # Cheers = Vote Intensity)


So yes, Phillip is in good standing with the crowd. If you can’t tell the difference in cheers for him than everyone else (EXCLUDING COLTON) then you need a better stereo system or a hearing aid. But Colton is right up there too, and for good reason.


All season, Colton has been delivering powerful songs and always a crowd favorite. The inevitability that he goes to the final 2 or 3 with Phillip seems obvious to me. But, the producers also see the ACTUAL vote results. Sure, we see who are on the bottom 3, but they see who is #1, #2, etc… What do they know this season?


So when I hear a statement get on the air like “Phillip is beating you” says to me, “female viewers of Idol, Colton could go home… you should vote for him.” This is the kind of subliminal shenanigans that keep producers in control of all reality TV.


So, is Colton near the bottom 3? Is Phillip on top and they want Colton/Phillip finale? Or is Phillip somewhere near the top and they want him in the bottom to make better TV?


SHENANIGANS AMERICAN IDOL! The Dodisharkicorn will be coming for you if anything happens to Phillip or Colton before the end (Unless the final 3 includes Joshua, then I could understand the votes going to him over one of them) and its squawk/whinny will forever haunt your insanely rich dreams on your 10,000 dollar bed.


7 thoughts on “The Geek Calls Shenanigans on – American Idol

      1. Meg

        The dodisharkicorn will be appeased so long as you admit that the show was far more entertaining when Simon Cowell was there to be obnoxious. 🙂

        Also, I’ll root for Phillip since I have a brother named Phillip. Or maybe I should root against him for that same reason?

          1. Meg

            Oh Snape, I ❤ Gordon Ramsey and his terrible mouth. He and Simon should have a lovechild. That kid would be amazing.

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