The Geek Goes Home

9 months ago I lost my family when my wife decided she’d be better off with other people. 7 months ago I resigned my job and my ‘new’ home I had been living in since the split. For 4ish months, the day after Christmas, I have not had any address to call my own and have spent that time living in motels and, occasionally, spending nights in my car.


I have sold and pawned everything I own except my phone and car. From laptop to Xbox (Ok, so I like electronics) to family and friends, I have been stripped both voluntarily and involuntarily of everything I thought was stable in my life. At age 33, the Geek has started over from scratch.

While getting a really great job and moving to a new city has been a really exciting, it has been frustrating not having an address of my own. Its really funny how the small things turn out to be really big. What all can you not do when you don’t have an address? I mean, it sounds like a silly little thing, right? I mean, even I agree the USPS is in trouble… so what DOES it mean to not have an addy in these electronic times.


First, YOU CAN’T ORDER ANYTHING… I start with an obvious one. Go to and you can have things shipped to a store, thankfully. But Amazon, eBay, and more want to send it where you live, silly sellers. NO GOOD FOR YOU! You have no address, you need to pay full price at Best Buy like common folk, or go on Craigslist.

Second, can’t get a drivers license. Yep, here I am in a new town, I can’t get a DL or Oklahoma tags. They have this silly thing where they want to know to come and get you after you rob a bank or say Bomb on an Airplane. (YOU CAN’T SAY “BOMB” ON AN AIRPLANE!) Thus, I’m stuck with my old Arkie DL and tags until I can get that resolved.

Third, You can’t get bills. This doesn’t seem too bad at face value. I mean, no bills, means no pay, right? Well, of course it’d be nice if that were true, but what if you had something you REALLY wanted to remember, like a storage unit in your old city, and the bills weren’t getting sent to you. Oh yeah, need an addy for that.

Fourth, try going to buy a car. Now, if you have an in state DL, this isn’t much of an issue (refer back to problem two above) but if you have an out of state DL they want you to do something silly like prove you live around here and want a place to come find you after you don’t make your car payments or rob a bank and use their car as the get-a-way vehicle.


So, those are a few big things you can’t do. There are more, getting a bank account, having a replacement debit card sent to you when your wallet is stolen… Fun times. But now, all that is about to change.


Life, the good Lord, and the apartment complex I applied to last Friday have decided it is time for me to have a place of my own. I move in Saturday.


A long journey, a lot of downs and downs (As opposed to ups and downs), a lot of uncertainty and humility has led to the ability to have an address in a new town with my new job. I have procured a 2 bedroom so that my son will be able to not only visit, but live with me as well (his mom and I are making plans for him to have an extended stay with me coming soon).


Once in awhile, things line up perfectly and its easy to see how great things are going. Other times, in this instance, things line up as though blind chimps were trying to set up construction cones on curvy mountainous road and its only when you get to the end of the construction that you realize they were very smart blind chimps who possibly saved your life, no matter how crazy the journey was.


Take some time, thank someone around you for being there. Tell someone you’ve held a grudge with you love them. Do something unexpected and nice for someone you barely know.


Life is too short to take these things foregranted. Because in the end, you could lose the TV you worship, the Facebook you idolize, and the newest phone you covet, but people, real people, will still be there for you. And it may be the people you suspect least.


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