The Geek Declares “Netbooks are tiny!”

So, here I am, back again, right back where I started from… ok, not actually. I am still in a motel, though a slightly nicer one about a tenth of a mile down from the other one. I have been enjoying training, the last two weeks we were on the phones taking calls, now 2 weeks back in the training room before hitting the floor for good.

So, I have spent a little bit of money I don’t have on a computer just to have one again. I have been going crazy only able to get on the net from my phone. So here I am, on my first ever netbook that I bought off of a list of a guy named Craig. It is working great, though, besides being incredibly tiny under my large hands, is that its pink. VERY pink. Like if people were curious about my sexuality before they would now just make the choice to say The Geek IS Gay pink. But, its what I could afford and get on short notice. I thought maybe just the lid would be pink so I could tape over it or somoething, but no, the entire hand rest is pink. I’d feel better if it were Breast Cancer Awareness Month but oh well, I’m just SO FRICKIN HAPPY to be back online no matter what.

So, what to write about? I don’t know yet. I have to get caught up on my internet-addiction. A while back I had joked I could give up a personal computer for Lent… well, it was actually taken away from me anyway and I have only been able to use a computer from a library or for work purposes at, well, work. To be gone for this long I feel unsure of what all to say at this point. There is plenty to make fun of, plenty to write about, plenty to praise about, but a starting point I do not yet have.

I hope this short ‘welcome back, me” post will suffice to allot me time to come up with something up to near par of what I’m used to posting and get my writing bug to stop itching again. So, for now, I leave you with this.

When you sell a computer, get Easeus Partition and actually DESTROY the data on you computer, anyone could have Easeus Recovery and see what you ‘thought’ you deleted.

Watch the Hunger Games, on IMAX if possible. It is awesome and worth it.

Love thy geeky neighbor, he/she is people too.

Don’t get your hair cut at Super Cuts unless you are a woman, that’s all they have practiced.

Don’t look like Sloth from the Goonies… its not fun to be compared to him.

If you are going to rob a bank, stop at the next to last one. Every bank robber caught was caught after robbing their last bank.


20 thoughts on “The Geek Declares “Netbooks are tiny!”

          1. pouringmyartout

            My 22 year old is home for the weekend. Last weeks of college. Thinks she knows everything. And she sort of does, dang it. I could ask her when she gets back.

          2. g00dg33kranting Post author

            I couldn’t say, I’ve known everything since I found Google. The fact that I have to research my mind via a computer interface is moot. In the paraphrased words of Albert Einstein

            “Why waste time memorizing something that I can so easily look up?”

            What? I said it was paraphrased.

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      seriously, this screen is almost twice the size of my phone. No but really folks, I’ve passed kidney stones larger than this computer. I think this computer is made by Milton Bros. The webcam on the lids bezel takes up more space than the screen. There is so little space for keys its not a qwerty but a qey.

  1. sj


    You’re back, you’re back, YOU’RE BACK!

    Man, I have so many posts you need to catch up on. MEMEMEMEMEME! Seriously, that’s all you missed. My posts.

    No, but for realsies…I’m really happy you’re back.


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