The Geek Ponders Apparel And Sexuality

The more I travel the world of life the more I laugh. Sometimes I laugh at people and sometimes I laugh at what they’ve done. I never have understood truly serious people who never find humor in anything because God had created a sandbox of comedic Gold that even a Jewish Canadian in Hollywood couldn’t begin to dream up on his or her own.

I have three pictures for you today. I really want to do done posts about some videos and commercials I’ve seen in the last few weeks but blogging on my phone is a huge challenge.

  The worst part of blogging on my phone is the need or want to condense posts to make it easier to swype out of my fingers. Even now I continue to omit very witty, clever comments to make this shorter. Instead replacing them with this long winded, unnecessary explanation of how I am NOT putting those clever comments of wit into this post. But mark my words they were very witty. So witty in fact that you would be tweeting all you know to link them to this post screaming in ALL CAPS of just how witty and clever I can be.

  But, in the words of Peter Griffin, I digest.

  The first picture below I have had for awhile. I love this boys attire and what a piece of head gear. This is of course perfect head gear if you are sitting outside the Walmart located halfway up the Mount Everest summit. Unfortunately he is outside an Arkansas Walmart in 74 degree weather.
  I am only, of course, assuming they have a Walmart half way up the summit of Everest because they have one everywhere. I’m sure it’s not a super center, probably a little small and yet there selection of sherpa supplies and collection of Tenzing Norgay paraphernalia is the beat in the country. (that’s right, I dropped a Norgay reference. What, you didn’t think I was cultured? Ok, I know the reference thanks to the Coen Brothers, you got me.)


All that headgear yet no noticeable socks.

This next guy was the passenger I an accident involving bumpers hitting and two other cars. He was the driver, however, in the accident of shirt selection.
  Here is my problem with this picture… I can’t decide which joke to make, so I’ll let you decide. First I have the obvious yet still classic,

Holy checkered shirt, Batman.

  But then I thought a little more intellectually with the quip,

And I go with Dork to queens rook 4. Checkmate!

You can cast your vote or make your own witty retort in the comments section below.


Lastly, I have one of the favorite pictures I have ever taken. This statue was outside the library that I blogged from yesterday. Yes, someone liked this bull statue so much they put it outside the entrance to a city library.

Now, you should know, I have nothing against bulls or their lifeless statue counterparts. However, when making a statue of a bull, at what point does an artist decide to make it anatomically correct and give it a giant set of hanging blue balls?



  Yes, blue balls, hanging NAY swinging for the world to see.

  Now, I’ve had the opportunity to ponder on this picture and have come to a conclusion. This is actually Babe the Blue OX and he has run away from Paul Bunyan in search of literary freedom and away from the threat of castration via oversized axe.

  Ok, this took 30 minutes to produce. I hope it was worth it and I offended a few people and made a few others laugh.

P&L The Geek


6 thoughts on “The Geek Ponders Apparel And Sexuality

  1. pouringmyartout

    That hat is making a statement. And the shirt guy is obviously a jockey on his day off. He and his horse have the same outfit. As for the bull, which I believe is an American bison, or buffalo, artistic guidelines do indeed stipulate anatomical correctness. I do wonder why the artist chose to be so cruel as to leave the poor beast so under-endowed for his kind. The blue paint job is very eye catching. Maybe it is a later addition by over enthusiastic exterior bison decorators.

  2. sj

    I will admit…when I was 16 I wore hats all the time. I had at least 10 different beanies, and I always carried at least two extras with me in my Jansport (god, I miss that backpack).

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      Women can make almost any hat cute.
      I go through hat phases. I really want a fedora that’s actually big enough for my oversized geek-cranium. The ones at walmart look good on me but are just too small. And yes, I would totally love a brown Indiana Jones affair, however I’d love one of the black ones with the white fabric stripe trim.


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