The Geek Writes a Picturebook

So I’m gonna kinda cheat today and just post a kids picture book I wrote. Of course, its not much of a picture book since I can’t draw and don’t have pictures for it, but you get the idea. Since I will be out of state most of today I figured I’d just post this and move on. I hope everyone has a Fantastically Fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend.


Emily in the Park


One beautiful day, walking through the park;

It was almost sunset, it was just before dark.

Shadows started to dance; oranges and purples filled the sky.

I was with my daughter Emily; it was just her and I.

My mind started to wander and fill with joyful glee,

When I realized its too quiet, where could my Emily be?

I turned around and around, I looked up and down to see;

I spun in all directions… I cried out to my darling Emily.

When at last I saw her, sitting underneath a tree,

I ran to her side and demanded, “You can’t DO that to me!”

She simply put up her hand and said to me,

“I’m fine, Dad, now just leave me be.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, I looked down and what do I see?

My Emily was digging inside a trunk full of junk underneath this tree.

“Where did you get this trunk?”

I said in a huff.

“And what is all this junk?”


She just pointed and said, “I got it from over there!”

And then she added, “I got it from that big Purple Bear.”

So I looked to where she pointed,

I looked to see what was there.

And to my shock and amazement,

stood a GIGANTIC purple bear.

And the bear was dancing,

He danced from here to there.

He danced in yellow roller-skates!

He even danced in pink polka-dotted UNDERWEAR!

Well even though I was afraid,

Even just a little bit scared

Of this large;





purple dancing bear,

I marched right through that park

I walked right through the Square!

I went right up TO HIM I did.

I confronted my purple dancing bear fear.

I said “Look here you crazy dancing Bear!”

“That’s my Girl Emily you gave stuff to over there”

I paused to let him speak.

But he just kept on DANCING!

I gave him a chance.

He kept DANCING with no PANTS!

So I continued, “What’s with giving her a trunk?”

“She’s just a little girl! She doesn’t NEED all your JUNK!”

Now the bear stopped dancing… and he looked down at me.

“Now you listen here” He growled, and large teeth I could see.

“Junk is only Junk to those whom it has no need.”

This was all he said, nothing more and nothing more fancy.

He just looked away and can you believe it? HE WENT ON DANCING!

So I walked back, bewildered and confused to that tree.

I walked back to find my precious smiling Emily.

On her head was a dog Bowl, around her neck a rusty old bike chain.

On her back some wire hangers and in her hand a broken old cane!

“Why do you have a dirty old dog bowl on your head?” I asked with a frown.

“It’s not a dog bowl” She beamed with a smile, “I’m a fairy princess, and this is my CROWN!”

So I ask, “And what about the bike chain around your neck? It’s all covered in RUST!”

She just rolls her eyes, “Don’t you know anything? These are my jewels all covered in fairy dust!”

And I suppose you have a reason for the hangers, too, or whatever are those crazy things?

She smiles even brighter, now undeterred, “Don’t you love them? They are my fairy wings!”

So I finally point at the cane, “And I suppose this is your fairy wand?”

“Not bad old man” she smirks at me, “I think you’re catching on.”

So we walked on home back through the park, Emily and me;

A Dad and his Fairy Princess, quite a pair to see.

So parents, remember, not all junk is junk, but precious jewels instead.

And kids be patient with your parents, sometimes they can be thick in the head.


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