The Geek Ponders Life

I find it rather funny sometimes how life takes unexpected turns and we sit in the passenger seat grasping at and leaving finger marks in the dash whilst stomping on the floorboard to hit the imaginary break we wished we’d installed when we bought the car. I have chosen to constantly try and change and better myself, or as constant as possible in this world, and still feel uneasy at some of the things that are thrown at us from the audience of humanity. Having lost my home, my family, my job, some friends and other things in the last 6 months of 2011 I wonder how much can one person take before breaking.

Today’s post was going to be a look at another commercial I saw recently. I actually have 2 different commercials in mind and even titles for each post but rather life, God, everyone else had other plans for me. Instead I have been blessed in a number of ways in the last 2 hours.

The first is that a new person started following me and as always I went to check out their blog to see if it was something that I would be interested in reading on a regular basis. What I found was yet another person who blew me away with her writing style, her mind, her wit, and her look on life. I started reading through posts and quickly realized I could place her up there with my new found Blog-friends at BecomingCliche and Snobbery as someone I respect quite a lot for their talents, wit, and knowledge.

This first blessing was soon followed as I read one of her posts about a documentary she had recently seen. I happen to be a huge fan of documentaries (much to the dismay of my ex-wife who wouldn’t pay attention to some and refused to even start others with me) and this one I knew I would want to see as soon as I read the title – ‘Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die’.

Terry Pratchett

It is no secret that I admire and love Terry Pratchett and he is probably my all time favorite author. Seeing as I read a lot less than some avid readers and other Bloggians out there when I get a chance to read it is normally another Discworld novel, or re-reading Hogfather. (Yes I read other things too, but seriously, I love Pratchett books) The reason for this is because I used to write, a LOT. I was once writing a book entitled ‘Mental Masturbation’ which was a satire on racism and politics in America. It had some classics that I still think back to today such as Self-Cannibalism (You’ll never see a fat self-cannibalist because they would have already finished eating) and Chiua-bombs. (Dog bombs used by the military in which distance to target was measured in ‘Yips’ yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip) Yes, my mind was out there. But I was young and had not found any authors who matched my style at the time so I felt a lack of interest would always certainly follow. That was, until I found a book by a brilliant author named Thomas Harris entitled Catch-22. His sarcasm and satire of war led me to realize I was not alone. And while I had read Piers Anthony before, finding Pratchett certainly sealed the deal that there were other thinkers like me.

So, after reading about this documentary I quickly checked Netflix to see of its availability (I had not yet finished the blog post to see she had linked to the video, I was too excited) and found Netflix had added another Discworld cartoon series from way back when, and there was a DVD available of the third movie of Discworld. (I don’t get Nflix DVD’s so I have attained it elsewhere and will be watching it after this.)

I then went back to the blog and started reading about the documentary that led to such gems as these. I will not go into a real review of the movie as I think you should instead head over and read what she has to say about it but rather just give a gist of it so I can continue.

In a nutshell, Terry has alzheimers and is considering assisted suicide. In the movie he goes around in search of other people already contemplating or going through with such a decision to help him get a grasp on the entire thing.

I will say first, I am a very emotional person: thanks in large part to a lot of things that happened in my childhood. I feel things deeply, more so than most men and some women. This documentary will make you think about where you are and where you are going. In fact, the most telling part of the entire documentary for myself was near the very beginning. Pratchett is unable to type anymore and has to have an assistant follow him around and take dictation.

This hit home for me. Being a computer guy, a guitarist, a gamer, even as a passionate romantic I use my hands a lot. Finding myself unable to sit here and type to you or play guitar ever again would surely be one of the most devistating things that could possibly come to pass in my existence in this world. I am sure, there would be other things to come just as the drummer for Def Leppard continued on with one arm and yet I would imagine to feel an emptiness close to and akin to not being able to see my step-children anymore.

It also reminds me of how short everything is. Being 33 I feel very old when I look back at how fast things have gone by and how things I used to watch, listen to, or do are things that ‘kids these days (another phrase I find myself saying a lot more)’ may not have even heard of.

If you are a Pratchett fan, a documentary lover, or you just like thinking about big questions head over and read the blog, watch the movie, and think about where you are in your life and where you want to be before the car turns and throws you out of it.

Thanks for reading… Thanks for Thinking… Thanks for living.


18 thoughts on “The Geek Ponders Life

  1. pouringmyartout

    I had no idea that such misfortunes befell you. I am in the process of reading all your stuff, so I obviously missed some of the details. Your ability to find humor and insight in odd places is as close to inspiring as I am ever likely to admit of someone else. Your comment columns are better than most of the blogs I have stumbled across.

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      Wow, thank you very much. Not everybody finds my ability to see humor in everything as intriguing as you, lol. sometimes I have to censor myself which is why I’ve enjoyed this blog lately… I don’t feel I need to censor much of anything because its mine, a part of me. I really appreciate your feedback and insight into my writings.

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      You are very welcome, though I must say thanks really goes to the beautiful and talented Diane Owens over on her ‘In My Opinion’ Blog… Which I realize in saying this you would have had to click on to get the link anyway so now I feel slightly foolish going into such grandiose detail but none-the-less there you have it.

      1. beautiful absurdity

        Okay, I’ve just finished the documentary. It was amazing – as expected. It’s painful to watch, but I believe it is one of those necessary truths before death one eventually has to be informed about. What a courageous man one must be to die in front of the camera!

        1. g00dg33kranting Post author

          I can’t say as I disagree with you on that point. And to be so stoic not just in front of the camera but his wife as well, and her too. To have someone by your side up to the very end like her… he was lucky in his life for that as its not easy to find these days. What one will do for love a lot do for money or fame now. I do agree with T.P. assistant that its kind of odd timing, doing something like that right before Christmas. I don’t know… I have a lot of strong feelings about Holidays though.

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      Ok, so this is really hard because I don’t have a specific documentary genre that I lean towards… If the documentary is good I will finish it to get out of it whatever the author wanted me to… So, let me see if I can get a couple for you in a few different categories. (Intentionally ‘TRYING’ to exclude some obvious mainstream choices like 9/11 docs)

      I’d say first and foremost I would recommend ‘Fat Sick and Nearly Dead’. Be prepared to buy a Juicer. This doc is about being healthy and follows an Australian mans journey on a juice diet. (But what happens on that journey really is quite moving.)

      In the ‘goofy’ side of documentaries I have to say I LOVED ‘The Parking Lot Movie’. Literally a doc that just follows would be Nobel Prize winners and sidewalk philosophers who instead work at a parking lot.
      and while I’m on ‘quirky’ I will say I also enjoyed the ‘Winnebago Man’ Doc…

      And on the ‘Social / Food Doc’ side I will say Tapped is a great one about bottled water and what companies are doing to produce it . (You’d be surprised) and then there is the acclaimed Food Inc (Note this movie has some scenes that can be hard to watch… Eat before you watch it cause you won’t be eating while you watch if you have anywhere near a weak stomach) And then much more indie of both of these is a movie called ‘King Corn’ which follows a couple of documentary film makers who go and plant and raise a plot of Corn from seed to harvest and learn what part the government plays in the process as well as what has changed in the last 50 years.

      There is also a great documentary about electric cars, but I am having trouble finding the right one…

      These are a small few of my favorites and they should all be avail on Netflix… I can’t say you will like them because I know documentaries are hard to port from person to person (Harder than most things, anyway)… I also watch a lot of Mock-umentaries, lol… if you ever want a list of some of my fav of those.

      So what about you? Got any good Doc recommendations?

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      YOU? A loss for words? Should I be honored or scared?

      Weird that we both chose to write similar (highly personal) posts today.
      Oh come on.. I know you wait for me to post and then try and copy my awesomeness… (/sarcasm) (Are our emotions synchronizing? Ok, now I AM scared)

      I did just read your post from today. It was a wonderful post.

  2. A New Chapter!

    I am beyond thankful for your amazingly kind words. I am truly touched and moved. Writing is my life and I have so many thoughts I want to share with the world. I love to give out suggestions for people to check out things that have inspired or moved me. I am beyond ecstatic that you have been inspired to check out this documentary and continue to read my blog. If you have questions you think would make for good entries please shoot them at me. I really look forward to checking out your world while you check out mine. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. :0)

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      The Documentary was great and now I’m in the middle of Going Postal which I had forgotten to look for with all that happened last year… (quite awesome so far…)

      I have been known to come up with a few good posers from time to time so I’ll dig through my brain (Sony Vaio) and see what I may have to pose to you. And I’ll go you one better.. if you have a question of particular interest that you would like another point of view on, send it my way and I’ll do a post answering it as well… (Giving you credit for the question and idea, of course. 😛 )

      1. A New Chapter!

        Thank you so very much. I am not big into history documentaties, i.e. war documentaries so much. I love more documentaries geared toward what is going on in society today and the issues we are facing. You should definetly check out Waiting for Superman and Bowling for Columbine if you haven’t already. 🙂

        1. g00dg33kranting Post author

          I don’t watch a whole lot of War docs either… I grew up with a brother who was obsessed with the Civil War and a Dad who had been in WW2 and Vietnam so I got a lot of that out of my system early. (History has never been my strong suit….) 9/11 is an exception with that because it touches on my latent cynical ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ that lies deep within me. (I’m the closest thing to a ‘Dale Gribble or Rusty Shackleford in my family, but thats not saying much in any sense)

          I have not seen ‘Waiting for Superman’ but will take a look asap. I HAVE seen Bowling for Columbine but am always hesitant to mention Micheal Moore movies as he is biased compared to most Documentarians however I still enjoy his films. If you liked BfC then you might enjoy a movie that ‘Counters’ it called Michael Moore Hates America (If I recall correctly) and basically it just points out areas where Moore has stretched the truth to be more entertaining in some of his movies and is made very well.

          On the OTHER side of BfC is a documentary called ‘Playing Columbine’ which is a story about an 8-bit rpg game that was created called ‘Super Columbine Massacre RPG!’ and explores the reaction of the game among everyone, from the Slamdance Festival to politicians to parents down to actual game makers. Now, the game is actually sort of an interactive documentary as it splices in news photos and stories in between gameplay and cut-scenes and as usual, most of the people that condone the game don’t even play it they just read the title.

          To say this doesn’t mean that the game is any good (I haven’t played it) but the question becomes, should any form of multimedia be allowed to be grounds for something historical or gruesome.
          The filmmaker brings up cases such as Call of Duty, Band of Brothers, and other WWII examples (If I recall correctly, I haven’t seen this one in awhile) as examples that this kind of media is already out there but there is some sort of ‘Oh its ok because the Nazi’s were bad’.

          Anyway, its a good one.

          1. A New Chapter!

            Thank you so much :0) I am currently watching a documentary called FagBug that is stressing the severity of Hate Crimes and I am downloading A Dream in Doubt and Equality U. I will keep you posted :0)

          2. g00dg33kranting Post author

            Yes please do. I saw fagbug on netflix or hulu the other day and made a mental note of it as it looked interesting. At the expense of making this comment thread even longer, is it any good

          3. A New Chapter!

            I am about 3/4 of the way in and I am definetly liking it. It is made in upstate NY and that is where I am from and there is also places in SC that they film and that is where I live now so it makes it interesting for sure 🙂

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