Geek eats humble pie – Declines Bacon Shake

mmmmmmm BACON!..... shake.

The Geek loves bacon… LOVES BACON! I can’t stress this enough. Bacon and cheese make a burger great, otherwise its just a burger. I have even had chocolate covered bacon, but its not my thing as I’m not much of a fan of the salty sweet combo. (There are like all of two exceptions to this rule of mine) So its no surprise that I’m not jumping in line at Jack-in-the-Box to try their new Bacon Shake. What’s that? You don’t see it on their menu? That’s because its a ‘secret’ (I use the word loosely as you can google Bacon Shake and find it burning up the G-dog search engines) and is a special order for any customer who wants to try it. I read the 24 oz version has over 1000 calories. Yeah, take that bacon-wrapped hot dog.

However, I think I will take a slice of that humble pie.

I’d like to preface this by saying a couple of things. First, I’m not a great blogger, yet, I’m just too new at it. I LOVE to write and have tried writing books before but they never get finished. I figured this would give me more practice but also be so varied that I would keep doing it… so far so good on that front, I suppose. Secondly, I have found the real gem in blogging has been the other people I have met (virtually speaking) and read and learned from. I have really never found anyone who liked even half of the things I do and now I’m finding people who like MOST of what I do. The blogging community is full of some great people, both talented and personality wise. I appreciate everyone who gets on and reads my small ramblings and love the comments and all debates that follow on this blog and others around the net. So, thank you. Now, on with the rambling…

A few days ago I wrote a post about a show Geeks should see called Better Off Ted. In that post I mentioned that it was sad that it was cancelled while a show on rival station NBC called Parks and Recreation was brought back for another (and then another) season. I was quickly called out on this by one of my favorite people on the internet and I had to explain further that I actually did LIKE PnR however I: 1. Prefer BoT and 2. was merely saying ABC should have kept it going to rival such TV shows on other networks. NOTE: I did fail to make that point clear in the actual blog post and mentioned how I had not done so in the heated comment exchange that followed.

This, however, is not the humble pie I will be consuming. In my analysis, I was behind on the episodes of PnR. Having watched the first 2 seasons, though I liked them, I was not caught up or fully informed and for this, I apologize. I have LITERALLY! (Lit-Trull-Lee!) spent the last few days since re-watching season 2 and then catching up on seasons 3 and 4. (Just finished them.) And now I can’t stop thinking (I don’t talk to lots of people) the word ‘Lit-TRULL-Lee’ in between every 5th word I say (in my head…). This is, of course, slightly annoying since I can’t stand the overuse of the word literally. I LITERALLY! hate when people use the word all the time to explain LITERALLY everything but I LITERALLY can’t stop doing it. Of course, I watched somewhere around 50ish (Thanks Hulu) episodes back to back (Its all I’ve watched in my downtime) so I’m sure most people don’t get Rob Lowes voice stuck in their head after watching 1 episode.

Now this is where I could go into a super long rant covering all aspects of the show, and then spend awhile cutting down what I wrote so its not some super long and rather boring blog post but that is not what this post is about. This post is about what geeks, and all people, tend to do.

As human beings, Americans, and geeks, we tend to find something we like and then hold on to it tight, never letting go, and never looking around to see what else is out there. Think about the people who only listen to 80’s music or the people who only like action movies. How about those people that ONLY like going to McDonalds (They are called ‘our children’) or that think Olive Garden is as authentic as Italian can get. Have you ever tried to get someone to try a seafood dish or (God forbid) a piece of Sushi? Chances are you’ve encountered people who say “No, I don’t like that, I tried it when I was 4, or I don’t like the texture.

Now, I actually pride myself on constantly evolving everything about me. I can watch, eat, listen, and do things outside of my comfort zone on a very regular basis to see if I like something. I will even re-try things after a few months (if they are super mainstream or something that I only kind of liked before) to see if I like them now. Example: My ex-wife would laugh at me every time we went to eat Chinese food because I would always try dipping my first bite of food in her Sweet-n-Sour sauce. Why? I don’t like sweet-n-sour sauce, never have, maybe will. So I would try it, make that face (You know the one when you give your kids a weird new food and force them to try it) and then say ‘Nope, still don’t like it.’ Ironically she laughed at me for being adventurous in this sense but left me for being ‘Too Monogamous.’ Anyway, the point is, I try new things.

So what’s the problem? I had become a little stagnate when it came to PnR. I had seen the first two seasons when they were first aired but had stopped (I had stopped watching anything at ‘first air’ when we went to a Netflix / Hulu system and dropped cable) and every time I passed it on Hulu I’d think, “Yeah, it was funny” but it was apparently not funny enough for me to watch again because I would always find something else to watch.

Jump to present day, a post I read condemning other Geeks for not sharing what they like to other people (the ‘Its gotta be secret or its not cool anymore’ syndrome) and the comments made on my last post and I was watching PnR again to see what, if anything, I may have missed in the last two seasons.

Now, as I said, I re-watched season 2 and it was still funny. But then we get into seasons 3 and 4 and PnR does what almost all great shows want and few shows (and fewer comedies) can achieve, we (at least me) start caring about the characters and what happens to them.

This is where the real mistake in my last post was actually made. I was comparing PnR to BoT and yes, I like them both however, they are not really comparable. Better Off Ted is a sitcom from start to finish. Had it gone on a few more seasons maybe it would have gotten ’emotional’ too but I’m not so sure. Like the classic and iconic Seinfeld, it didn’t necessarily matter what happened to the people, it was just funny BECAUSE of what happened to the people. No pulling for anyone to get together or for something to happen to someone, show me the comedy and lets go home.

Parks and Rec, however, in seasons 3 and 4 go the extra mile that some other classics have gone. Roseanne comes to mind as does the current Big Bang Theory (Come on, tell me you don’t want to see Penny stay with Leonard or Amy get Sheldon into the sack.) as ‘sitcoms’ that have evolved into more and PnR can easily be added to that list. I find myself pulling for Ben and Leslie and wanting to see Leslie win her election and I realize, crap, I care! It is in this caring that my mistake occurred, PnR is not comparable to BoT.

Let me get this straight, I think they are both great shows and at the moment I can’t pick one over the other, they should both be enjoyed just like apples and some other fruit that isn’t apples, but for their own merits.

If you can't forgive me, then I will simply blame it on my doppelganger

Had I been fully caught up on PnR I would not have compared them as I did for that reason, not because one is better than the other, but just because they are not quite the same type of show. For this I again, apologize. I won’t go back and change my blog, partly because I don’t work for the Ministry of Truth and partly because I like to learn from my mistakes and missteps not cover them up and pretend they never happened.

So step out of your comfort zone and try something new OR try something you’ve done before and weren’t completely sold on and perhaps you’ll find you like it now. You never know. Which brings me back to the Bacon Shake… I really can’t imagine liking this but I would try it but unfortunately there is no Jack-In-the-Box anywhere near my town. So someone try it and let me know what you think. (Ask for extra bacon if you don’t like it the first time… I find that helps lots of other foods.)


15 thoughts on “Geek eats humble pie – Declines Bacon Shake

  1. Sinister Dreams

    PnR is an excellent show, I really do miss Better off Ted though, there were so many great things about it, I feel it wasn’t given a proper chance to thrive.

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      Yeah, ABC really dropped the ball as they usually do on any decent comedies. (I’m convinced they are all about the dramas) I have read a lot about it and the creators and producers of BoT say that almost no advertising was put into it so, even though it was gaining small amounts of viewers each week and into season 2, it was still one of ABC’s lowest rated shows. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a few shows on ABC I watch, but nothing near the ranks of NBC or CBS type comedy caliber or even sitcoms that I can think of. I just checked the rankings by ratings and ABC is 4th among commercial broadcasting channels ahead of only Univision and CW… Note, this is partially due to the Superbowl pushing NBC into 3rd.

      Ok, done with my BC TV rant… and now for something completely different.

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      Just found out I had not been ‘following’ your blog like I meant to… now I know why I hadn’t been seeing any of your new posts lately. Your post called ‘In the Name of Fitness’ really had me rolling… Classic stuff… the “Passive Agression” lessons are great too, but that one on trying to get the elliptical home was just priceless.

  2. booksnob

    AWWWWWW! I’m so glad you went back and LOVED it. I’m glad you’re all caught up. I don’t usually get all schmaltzy over tv, but there have been a few times when I was pretty close to tears with this season so far.

    Also, April and Andy are one of my favourite tv couples ever.

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      Whats bad about all this is, just like anytime I finish a series, I’m like ‘what now?’ I really gotta get a hold of another kindle so I can read some of these 14,000 eBooks i have. :\

      1. booksnob

        We’re almost done catching up with How I Met Your Mother and we have no idea what we’re going to watch next.

        I wish Party Down could be brought back. 😦

        1. g00dg33kranting Post author

          I can’t say if you will like it or not since I don’t know what your taste of British comedy is other than IT Crowd and the Doc but if you have Hulu+ there is a Hulu original British show that I just went through recently called Whites. It has the girl from IT Crowd in it, actually, but its nothing like it. There’s one season right now so only 6 episodes avail.

          Also if you like Terry Pratchetts Discworld series of books there are 2 movies and 1 cartoon series based on various books. The movies are his first one and Hogfather (My fav, Death as Santa is just priceless.) Can’t recall what the cartoon series is as I only ever got to watch an epi or 2 but it might be Wyyrd Sisters… All are on (or at least were) Netflix.

          1. booksnob

            Watched all of the Discworld stuff again on Netflix recently. 😉

            Was also thrilled when Gaiman’s Neverwhere was available a while back (he’s on my top five favourite authors list).

            So, anyway…this means I will look for Whites.

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