Things a Geek should [see]: Dr. Horrible

Dr. Horrible

Throughout the lifetime of  a geek, he/she sees various things that change the way we talk, act, or even think. From movies like Clerks (If you can’t quote Clerks you need to go watch it again) to books like LOTR we find things we love and then learn as much as possible about them. (See Silmarillion) One of the greatest in the line of Geek movies is Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog.

Are you a fan of NPH? How about Nathan Fillion? Perhaps you’ve heard of Felicia Day. (You haven’t? Go online and watch The Guild STAT!) If any of the above are true you need to see Joss Whedon’s classic Webisode short series. In Dr. Horrible, NPH plays the aforementioned Dr., Nathan Fillion plays his arch-enemy Captain Hammer, while Felicia Day plays the love interest of both.

As the name might indicate to you, DHSAB is a musical and is a good one at that. It has all the qualities I look for in a musical; humor, good writing, funny, great actors, comedy, catchy songs with solid lyrics, and makes you laugh. That’s right, I like musicals that are 4 times funny. (note: Cannibal The Musical) From the opening scene as NPH answers e-mails to memorable songs such as ‘Bad Horse’, ‘Man’s Gotta Do’, ‘My Eyes’, and Nathan’s moment in the sun with ‘Everyone’s a Hero’, you know its a movie you will want to watch AND quote again and again. AND YOU’D BE RIGHT!

All players involved, from Joss and Jed Whedon to the actors themselves, talk often about wanting to do a feature length sequel they all quickly mention how busy they all are so we don’t have one on the horizon just yet. However, you can still catch this already cult-classic online at Hulu, YouTube, or Netflix. You can also go to Dr Horribles Website and order the Blu-Ray with feature Commentary.

Interesting Geek-toids

Joss Whedon funded Dr. Horrible with his own money

Jed Whedon (who co-wrote the songs in Dr. Horrible) helped Felicia Day write the Guilds classic ‘Do you wanna date my avatar’

The Bad Horse Chorus VOICES are comprised of Joss and his brothers Jed and Zack

Joss helped write 4 episodes for Roseanne and was also a co-writer on Pixar’s classic ‘Toy Story’


2 thoughts on “Things a Geek should [see]: Dr. Horrible

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      Cheers to you Dave… hope your day is going well. Hate to be the anti-hero here but I’m going Dr. Horrible FTW. 😀 Don’t feel too bad, I just happen to be a huge NPH fan…


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