The Geek Watches Bridesmaids?

If your significant other is real into chick flicks, chances are you have seen a few. For myself, unlike some others, I don’t like to complain about having to watch or outright refuse to watch. Being a true movie lover I can normally find a few movies that I enjoy even in genre’s that I may not be into myself and I love making my girlfriend happy by watching what she enjoys. (Plus if we watch her movies, she’s more likely to watch our movies. :D)

It was this line of thinking that I watched Bridesmaids this weekend and found I was pleasantly surprised. This movie was co-written by its star, Kristen Wiig, but from the first few scenes you might think it was a light-hearted, female version of a Judd Apatow or possibly even a Rob Reiner film. The dialog sounds somewhat on-the-spot and improved in the beginning letting these women’s talents stand out and feel less like a typical ‘chick-flick’ than most others.

Then there odd little gems such as a scene taking place in a bridal dress shop in which the characters had just eaten some bad food for lunch and end up… well, you simply need to see the scene to even believe that something would happen in a movie consisting almost entirely of women. All I can say is, guys have been wondering for a long time why women didn’t find ‘toilet’ humor funny… Well, prepare to be baffled as your woman laughs her head off at what comes from this scene. (Note: There are clips of this scene up on YouTube yet I have chosen not to link to them here. Feel free to search if you are curious.)

But of everything in this movie, as a geek my favorite part came from actor Chris O’Dowd. If you consider yourself a geek and have not seen the BBC Production called IT Crowd which co-stars Mr. O’Dowd you are really missing out on one of the best BBC comedies produced in recent years. In Bridesmaids we get to see Chris in a slightly less ‘over-the-top silly’ role and, even better, as the possible love interest of the star.

Actors like John Candy and Chris Farley made bigger guys feel they had a better chance of getting the girl and now it is geeks and nerds who look to get the girl and come out on top and this movie does a good job of making us feel good.

While the movie title and previews might have you believing this movie is all about planning a wedding this is instead just the catalyst for the real story of Kristen Wiig hitting rock bottom and trying to claw her way back up. So if you have a movie you have been wanting to watch with your wife and she has been hesitant, pick it up along with Bridesmaids and watch Bridesmaids first. She’ll thank you for thinking of her and then be more receptive to watching the Directors Commentary of Donnie Darko.


9 thoughts on “The Geek Watches Bridesmaids?

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      To be honest, I had the same problem during the movie…

      “If she was going to lie, why would she pick this one? A fire? At SEAPARKS? If she had said her parents had drowned I’d be the happiest man in the world”

      1. g00dg33kranting Post author

        Impressive, you’re not a true geek until you quote something for no reason and laugh in the process as everyone else wonders why you’re so weird… wait, that last part could just be me.


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