My Torrid Love Triangle with the Deschanel Sisters

Emily and Zooey

The gorgeous Deschanel Sisters

This last year we have been treated to some fantastic shows on our local ‘Big-4’ television stations. The comeback of well written sitcoms and dramas has alleviated the overload of reality TV to a great extent. This year we had fantastic big-hitters such as Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, House, Glee, and the Mentalist (or as I like to call it, “Psych-Where did James Roday Go?”) to name a few. Of returning dramas and new sitcoms we can pull two of the best and most talked about, Bones and New Girl.

Agent Booth and Bones

Deschanel as Bones and Boreanaz as Agent Booth

If crime dramas aren’t your forte or you have been living under 30 Rock for the last  6+ years, Bones is a crime drama that (cause they all need a niche) is based around the forensic anthropology and archaeology expertise of one Temperance “Bones” Brennan, played by Emily Deschanel who shares this small screen (Can we still call them small at 60+ inches?) with David Boreanaz, whom you may remember as Angel from the Joss Whedon hit of the same name as well as Buffy. With a strong supporting cast, Agent Booth (Boreanaz) always seems to find himself with a body that can’t be identified by any conventional means and must be reconstructed by “Bones” and her team or nerdy cohorts.

The draw of this show comes at you from multiple sides. Bones herself is completely unaware of any normal social conventions as well as being seemingly devoid of emotion about 98% of the time. Of course her ‘dry act’ routine is countered by Booth’s irreverent, cocky, typical male jock “I don’t understand your nerdy words” routine. The two opposites are drawn together, pushed apart, rinse and repeated in a touching and endearing manner that leaves you craving more at the end of each episode. Beyond them, the supporting cast, Bones’ nerdy assistants, each have their own personality that can lead to laughs and drama alike. The show is well written 95% of the time (occasionally odd and out-of-place product placement comments made IN SHOW throw me for a loop every time) and is one of the better on-going crime shows on TV right now.


The radiant Zooey Deschanel

On the other side of the emotional spectrum is Emily Deschanels sister, Zooey, playing in the fall comedy hit ‘New Girl’. In it, Zooey, as Jessica ‘Jess’ Day, is a 20-something woman who, after a break-up with her cheating boyfriend, answers an internet ad for roommate and moves in with 3 single guys. Of course the only problem with this entire plot is that someone cheated on her. Has he seen her with the lights on? Did he ever talk to her? CRAZY! Aside from this obvious plot hole, hilarity ensues as 3 single guys have to deal with an out-going, assertive, bubbly Jess disrupts their normal routines. The draw of this show comes in just two main forms, good writing and Zooey’s great on-screen persona.

While Emily, prior to Bones, has done a few very bit parts and short films, Zooey is on top of the movie world in both Geekdom and mainstream sense. Geeks may know her best as Trillian in Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy. Indie film buffs may remember her from such great films as 500 Days of Summer, Once Upon a Mattress, Tin Man, and Flakes. The mainstream public could know her from Failure to Launch, Bridge to Terabithia, or probably her most famous role in the recent Christmas classic hit, Elf. (A movie in which we get to hear her beautiful voice, yep, she sings well too) With so much under her belt it was surprising to hear that she would be joining the ranks of Movie Stars moving to the not so small screen for steady work, but once you watch a few episodes you can see its a good fit and she obviously enjoys it.

With all this Deschanel action going on its hard to keep ones mind on other sexy figures of the moment such as Milla Jovi-who, Natalie What-is-new-girl-back-on?-No?-Ok-Man, or the stunning and soulful Emily Elbert. (Note: I don’t use any thinly veiled, badly formed sarcastic names for Emily because I would like more people to discover her music… see her acoustic cover of Jackson’s classic ‘Thriller’ here) Indeed, just keeping Emily from finding out I’m so into her sister is keeping me on my toes. If you enjoy good television, you’ll get your self into a love-triangle with the Deschanel Sisters as well.

Emily Elbert

Emily Elbert: Sexy AND Soulful


4 thoughts on “My Torrid Love Triangle with the Deschanel Sisters

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  2. rldkridel

    Love Bones but as delighted I am with Zooey, I haven’t checked out New Girl yet. And Emily Elbert is wonderful! I’ll have to find out more about her. Thanks for the tip.

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