Is it just me or …

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

  Is it just me or is Chris Hemsworth as Thor in the new movie of the same name TOO good looking. 

I submit to everyone that just in the same vein as women complain of supermodels and the like as being an unrealistic representation of what a typical woman looks like, I have that same complaint of the almighty God of Thunder… or at least the man playing him… This is not the average man, but I’m sure all the average looking men’s wives let out an audible sound every time they see Thor come on screen.

Even the beautiful Natalie Portman is looking a bit plain in the presence of this ‘God’. (tongue in cheek reference to Thors mythical status intended) And how are we men supposed to enjoy looking at Natalie Portman anyway, when our wives and girlfriends are so vocal over the statue-esque physique of Chris.

I will say this, however, Thor is still just your typical man. He’s loud, overbearing, drinks and eats more than he should, gets in fights, smashes things with an oversized hammer, and believes he’s God’s gift to women. (Ok, actually he just believes he’s a God)…

Just goes to prove, no matter how good or bad looking, a man is still just a man.


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