Star Wars – Now in 3D

  Just as Disney has scrambled to turn each of their classic hits into 3D box-office re-smash hits (presumably in the wake of not having any NEW good Disney classics?) George “I need to make more money from my signature franchise” Lucas is releasing a 3D version of Star Wars… wait, don’t get too excited, its Episode I.

  That’s right, the movie that disappointed so many classic Wars Geeks (as well as frustrating us Dads since our kids LIKED the movie) is the chosen 3D jaunt that Lucas hopes will flock people back to the theaters.

  And, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it will. Heck, I’ve been going on a 3D movie rampage in the past year (some of them not by choice 😦 ) and I am a Geek, and I am a Star Wars fan and even though it was by far my least favorite of ANY of the Star Wars movies, I will surely end up watching it in all the futuristic glory of 3 dimensions. If for no other reason, than to take my son who enjoyed the movie (and yes, he liked JarJar too… ugh) that helped vault him into the Star Wars Junkie that I set out to make him the moment I met him.

  But really, Episode I? This means one of three things…

    1. Lucas is seeing just how much he can piss us off, yet still make tons of money off of us cause we just won’t quit.

    2. The original trilogy will be left out of the 3D glory, and we will never see Greedo shoot first, right past our heads. (Even though Han shot first, in the original original… but that’s a different argument.)

    3. This is the only 3D Star Wars movie to be made.

   If you watch the trailer for the movie closely (in case you forget how the story goes or want to see the hype, you can see the trailer HERE), at the very beginning we see scenes of both trilogies, and indeed the announcer says “The greatest saga of all time… is coming… to the big screen (at this point I was waiting for the words, YET AGAIN, in a really dramatic yet slightly sarcastic voice)… in specTACular 3D”…

  So from this we can note 2 things, first, its not just 3D, but specTACular 3D. Which as you know is 42% better than normal 3D. (Also known as LucasD) And second, lets hope, all the movies will be made into 3D. This is great, except for the having to buy yet another Star Wars box set once they all came out.


  And really, folks, its not that Lucas is re-releasing all of these movies in 3D, to the theaters again, that has me and quite a few people up in a tizzy, but rather the NUMEROUS movies that are being re-released. This coming year alone, so far scheduled besides Star Wars, Beauty and The Beast (Get ready to shell out more dough fellas cause your women and daughters want to see it), Titanic (See previous side note), and Finding Nemo.

  This would all be wonderful, ok well maybe not Titanic, if we didn’t have to pay the same price for the movies that we do for every other movie. Oh Wait, we DON’T. We have to pay MORE, so we can use the 3D glasses. Really? We already paid for these movies and made them top Box-Office Blockbusters. Its not like they had all the same production costs go into these that they did before. They didn’t have to re-cast all the actors, re-shoot all the scenes, or hire a bunch of gaffers to lay down 3 miles of tape over electrical cords, they just did some post-production, again. Yet they charge us the same.

  I welcome seeing my kids faces light up when they watch these movies in 3D (Though I don’t welcome the stoned teenagers in the front row loudly exclaiming “DID YOU SEE THAT” every time something flies off the screen) but please, Lucas, Disney, EVERYONE. Give us a break on the costs at the theaters.


2 thoughts on “Star Wars – Now in 3D

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      In the original movie, BEFORE all the changes, Han did and will always have shot first.
      There is an entire segment dedicated to this argument in the fantastic documentary, “The People vs George Lucas”


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